ClassicMario95 also known by his internet alias CM95 or ClassicMario is a recent person who has to do some activity along with his friend MeerkatMario, He lives in Greece now instead of New York, He has also done some comedy stuff with him before in 2012.

Appearance Edit

ClassicMario95's clothing has appeared: a chocolate-colored shirt with yellow overalls and red buttons with green gloves and chocolate-colored harms, He has such an amazing life and lives in Greece where in Peach's Castle, his bedroom has been seen by others such as Mario, Luigi, MeerkatMario and Sabrina Spellman, Also he is a major character, when he was young. However in the HassanLechkar universe, he only wears white gloves.

ClassicMario95 is needed by anybody especially Sabrina. he was full of rich inventions and invented a fabric machine for all to design fabrics, However BedrockPerson annoys him and Sabrina saves CM95 by using her witch powers, CM95 thanks Sabrina for saving him until Peach is shocked thinking that CM95 may have been involved with Sabrina.

His HassanLechkar version has a canon trademark in Mario games; however he is fantastic and kind but even more one of 10,000 characters to appear in the HassanLechkar universe.

Trivia Edit

  • ClassicMario95 appears as a BTTF fan in real life and is friends with SMG4.
  • When CM95 has moved to Greece, the city was Freshville.
  • In fact, he was Sabrina's friend.
    CM95's Color Code

    ClassicMario95's original color code (made by him).

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