Mario (also known as Mario Mario, Mario Sexy the Plumber, Mario Spaghetti, Mario Julian Plumber and/or Mario Gaywalker) is a character who appears in official Mario game series. He serves Princess Peach and he has a brother named Luigi. He is also one of the lead characters in the ClassicMario95 universe.

Personality Edit

In the Mario games, he is friendly and rescues anyone especially Peach.

In the HassanLechkar universe, he behaves just as he does in the Mario games most of the time, but he can also be a cloudcuckoolander at some points.

His ClassicMario95 version mentions that Mario is often a woodcutter; perhaps he's not.

He is stupid in the SMG4 universe, also a bother to everyone. However he has a new color code counterpart in the ClassicMario95-verse called JoeYoshi.

Appearances Edit

NOTE: This is only the list of CM95's new upcoming bloopers so please make sure that it will be only made.

Trivia Edit

  • Mario's name is rather "Mario Julian Plumber" in the ClassicMario95 universe, In HassanLechkar's version, he was listed "Mario Spaghetti" in a book instead.

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